Strategic advice and crucial steps for successful digital transformation

More Than Words: Defining Digital Transformation in a Meaningful Way for Organizations

CDOs, CTOs and other business leaders have been told repeatedly that digital transformation is an essential “competitive differentiator for leading organizations,” as Gartner, Inc. describes, and that there is little time to waste as competitors digitally transform themselves. However, while the…

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Three Key Elements to Successful Analytics at Your Company

Analytics Must Support Employee Decisions, Not the Other Way Around

Today’s analytics are so powerful and accessible that they can drive value-based decision-making at all levels of the organization. No matter your industry, applications for analytics are available for any department—marketing, HR, operations, and others—enabling every team member to access…

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Smart analytics and BI can breed confidence; focus on data fundamentals first.

For “Smart Analytics,” Don’t Put the AI Cart Before the IA Horse

When it Comes to AI and ML Initiatives, Build Capabilities Progressively—and Don’t Leave Your Business Users Behind Data lies at the heart of every decision in contemporary business practice—no matter who in the organization is making that decision. But today’s…

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Bringing Data Into Decision-Making at All Levels of the Organization

A closer look at how democratized access to analytics can improve decision-making in marketing, sales, ops, and beyond.

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