A playbook for the Chief Data Officer: How to be successful in this ground-breaking role

We’ve talked in the past that the key to a company’s success—or failure—in today’s digital world is based on decisions made across the organization. It’s becoming increasingly critical to tap into advanced analytics to provide a competitive edge, make informed decisions with trusted information, and ultimately achieve better outcomes.

But with today’s rapid pace of digital transformation, and the explosion of data that comes with it, the opportunity to grow your business by extracting value from data can be a challenge.

As organizations look to turn their ever-growing data stores into information assets, we see a new role emerging: The Chief Data Officer (CDO). As the “owner of the truth,” the CDO plays a critical role in not only overseeing the entire data story of the organization, but executing a data strategy that will drive profitability and competitive advantage.

The CDO leadership role is still new in the large majority of companies, according to Gartner, and they have many challenges to address. CDOs must be prepared to hit the ground running fast, and many find they are writing the rules as they go. The sheer volume, velocity, and complexity of data, coupled with security and governance issues, are bringing about new theories, new practices, new technologies and new infrastructures for CDOs to wrap their arms around.

That is where Pyramid Analytics comes in. We are the perfect strategic partner to the CDO. Our robust BI platform offers key business capabilities critical to a successful BI implementation, with a focus on all of the things the CDO cares about: Governance, security, scalability, self-service BI, and TCO—to name a few. With Pyramid, it’s safe and easy for organizations to centralize data assets while decentralizing data access.

To help the CDO along their journey, we just launched a new edition of our business analytics executive newsletter. In this issue, we offer a playbook for the CDO that explores potential challenges you could face as you enable your data strategy. We also share tools, guidance and important Gartner research to help you be successful in driving analytic value and enabling a data-driven culture across the organization.

You will hear directly from your peers who are leading with business analytics today. Watch how we helped Voith FRS to become more data-driven in their operational and sales decisions.

To all the CDOs, analytics executives and BI leaders, the time is now for you to help lead your organization on this journey of transformation. And we look forward to partnering together with you to drive success.

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