Pyramid Analytics’ 2021 in Review

At Pyramid, we are all about the future. Trying to understand, anticipate, and plan for what’s around the corner is a big part of what we’re trying every day to achieve. First and foremost for our customers, but also for our growing company.

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Why “Decision Intelligence” Is Blazing a New Trail to Better Business Decisions

Decision intelligence—the next step toward efficient and data-driven business strategies.

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How a single-environment analytics approach prepares you for what’s next

Why leading enterprises are graduating from a departmental business intelligence approach

Even today, enterprise companies are choosing a limited, “departmental” approach to business intelligence (BI) strategy and adoption. They resort to working with multiple vendors, each of which provides what they consider the best technology for an individual department within their…

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Strategic advice and crucial steps for successful digital transformation

More Than Words: Defining Digital Transformation in a Meaningful Way for Organizations

CDOs, CTOs and other business leaders have been told repeatedly that digital transformation is an essential “competitive differentiator for leading organizations,” as Gartner, Inc. describes, and that there is little time to waste as competitors digitally transform themselves. However, while the…

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