Value of a Data-Driven Business for BI Executives

We see it everywhere; no industry is immune. Today’s digital technologies are driving great transformation across businesses in new and compelling ways. This transformation is redefining how businesses operate, how they uncover new revenue streams, and how they engage with customers to drive a more loyal and connected experience.

At the center of all of this is advanced data analytics and intelligence to drive real change. However, every company we talk to, large or small, regardless of industry, wants to be more data-driven. Unfortunately, most feel like they do not have full access to rich analytics in at least some parts of their business. Or, the tools they use support only isolated analytics experiences. The net result is confusion and chaos, with people making business decisions based on incomplete, inconsistent, or outdated data.

Here at Pyramid Analytics, we believe too many businesses are driving data blind. And we are focused on helping you overcome BI limitations to put data to work across your company so everyone can make smarter decisions based on trusted information.

To help guide you on this journey of data-driven transformation, we have launched a newsletter for BI executives that explores the research and trends around digital innovation and the role that business analytics plays. We also share our approach to helping your business be successful by making analytics universally available and valuable across your organization so every employee can gain the insights they need to move the business forward.

The newsletter also features important research from Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, around how BI leaders can ensure business users are maximizing value from their corporate BI initiative.

I encourage you to download this newsletter today to find out the key steps you can take to keep pace with today’s digital transformation, understand why it’s important to unlock business insights trapped on individual desktops, and most importantly, how to put data to work across your company—without the need to move to the public cloud.

From the outset, Pyramid Analytics has taken a true enterprise approach to business analytics. We are pleased to present this newsletter featuring Gartner research. Pyramid Analytics has been recognized in Gartner’s business analytics vendor assessments, including placement for three consecutive years in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms, as well as Gartner’s latest BI platform guide, the 2016 Critical Capabilities for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms.

Watch for our next newsletter issues, coming out throughout this year. We’ll show you the value of Pyramid Analytics’ differentiated approach to putting data to work across your business, dig into some of the specific functionality that Gartner prioritizes and where we lead, and show you how business leaders are using our enterprise platform for great success.

We look forward to taking this journey together with you. Be sure to download our newsletter to get started today.

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