Why We Built the Analytics OS

In late 2017, Pyramid Analytics launched a complete update of our flagship analytics platform. We called our next generation product the Analytics OS. But why did we do it? What motivated us to rebuild our product from the ground up?

We understood that widely used and celebrated “modern” BI applications all served niche needs but could never deliver complete analytics functionality. We wanted to create a truly ubiquitous analytics application that could rise above the noise and provide organizations with complete flexibility.

It wasn’t just a matter of evolving our product beyond the constraints of any particular deployment scenario or technology stack (which it does). And it wasn’t just about creating a solution that could expose AI and machine learning as a core component (which it also does).

It was to bring it all together—ETL, data discovery, dashboards, reporting, machine learning, governance, security—on a single, powerful, easy-to-use enterprise platform that could operate in any environment, on any device.

Our vision has been made reality. The Analytics OS is an enterprise-grade deployment that creates a universal analytics environment where all users—regardless of role or abilities—can create and share advanced analytics. It fulfills the promise of a true, enterprise-wide data strategy and empowers users throughout the organization to conduct self-service analytics—anywhere, anytime.

And now, Analytics Insight Magazine named Pyramid one of the 20 most innovative companies of 2018. It is always gratifying to take a risk and see positive returns. Read my interview published in Analytics Insight about our platform, and see how our next-generation self-service platform is uniquely positioned to help today’s mid-market and enterprise organizations.

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